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Complan Nutrition and Health FAQ

You can try preparing tasty dishes that contain vegetables. However, fussy eating habits can lead to an imbalance in nutrient intake. Complan is a Complete Planned Milk Drink offering planned and balanced nutrition for growing children. Complan helps bridge nutritional gaps in the diet of children, who are fussy eaters and helps maximize their growth potential. Growing children need protein, the building blocks of growth and other vital macro and micro nutrients.

Complan with it’s 34 vital nutrients has been specially formulated for Indian children, based on Indian RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowances). What's more, Complan comes in 6 delicious flavours for your child to relish - Natural, Chocolate, Mango, KesarBadam, PistaBadam and Strawberry. Give your children 2 serves of Complan per day as part of a daily balanced diet.

The COMpletePLANned Milk Drink is a premium health beverage fortified with 34 vital nutrients in balanced proportion. Complan contains 100% Milk Protein to help children maximize their growth potential. Complan is an expert in the nutrition and health category and its formulation is designed as per Indian RDA. Complan has 16% milk protein, which is critical for child growth. All the protein is Milk Protein (100% Milk protein), which is one of the best protein for growth. Additionally Complan provides over 30% RDA of key growth nutrients such as: calcium, iron, vitamin A as per ICMR recommendations in 2 servings. Complan is thus scientifically designed to uniquely contribute to the growing needs of children through a blend of high quality milk protein, balanced fat and carbohydrate levels alongside essential vitamins and minerals makingComplan a completely planned milk drink.

Milk protein is a "COMPLETE PROTEIN" as it has all the essential amino acids in the right quantity that are needed to build protein in the body. It is highly digestible. Leading nutritionists believe that milk protein is the ideal engine of physical growth for children in their growing years. Other types of proteins like peanut, wheat or malt protein are "INCOMPLETE PROTEINS" as they do not have all essential amino acids in the required proportion and are poorly digestible. Since digestibility of milk protein is higher, it results in better and healthier growth.

Complan packs a bigger punch than most leading health drinks. Complan meets the recommended WHO guidelines for the % of energy derived from the macro-nutrients as required by human body, a claim that cannot be matched by most other ordinary health drinks. One serving of Complan will give your child better quality and quantity of nutrients than the same quantity of most ordinary health drinks. Also, the quantity of vitamins and minerals in Complan are as per the Indian requirements or the Indian Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDA). This makes Complan an ideal, complete, and balanced health drink.

Ninety-nine percent of the Calcium in human body is stored in the bones and teeth. The main ingredient in Complan is milk, which is its primary source of Calcium and Phosphorus. Dairy products like milk have the highest concentration of highly absorbable (bio-available) form of Calcium that can be easily absorbed in the body. Besides Calcium and Phosphorus, Complan contains Vitamins D and K. Vitamin D maintains critical bone health whereas Vitamin K plays an important role in bone formation.

Mental development is definitely a very important aspect of growth. Complan contains essential nutrients like Iron, Iodine, Zinc and B vitamins such as B12 and Folic Acid that play a critical role in mental development.

Complan contains 100% milk protein, which is ideal for growingchildren and is superior to any cereal protein. It also contains all of the 34 vital nutrients that are essential during the growing years. It contains Iron, zinc, B vitamins, and Iodine that are essential for mental development. Macronutrients such as protein in Complan play a key role in overall growth& development.Complan’s 4A Advantage helps build strong bones & muscles; gives energy & stamina; helps build immunity & helps in cognitive development. So make sure that your child drinks Complan twice a day as part of a daily balanced diet for adequate nutrition and total health.