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How much Nutriful does my family need? What does two cups of Nutriful have?
Nutriful – Cupful of Calcium, Iron and Vitamins for Strength and Stamina

Maximize each moment of the
day with 2 delicious cups of
Nutriful which provide 50-100%
of the daily needs of Calcium,
iron and vitamins which
strengthen bones and muscles
and provide energy for day long
strength and stamina.


B-Vitamins are essential to restore energy and stamina.
Vitamin C is essential for immunity & development of framework of
the human body.
Vitamin D is vital for building and maintaining strong bones.

#The nutrient content in 2 Cups of Nutriful is equivalent to specific content of the above foods as per values expressed in Nutritive Value of Indian Foods, NIN,2007.
$As per Method of preparation on pack